Which private health insurance is better? Tips to choose it

Private health insurance is a service that is increasingly in demand among the population. But, among so many offers, which private insurance is better and how to choose it 

According to some sources in the sector, 2022 has achieved an increase in the demand for private insurance of 7.3% when compared to 2021, the year in which there was also an increase in the demand for this type of insurance. Its advantages are clear, from decongesting public health to achieving a more personalized quality of care with shorter waiting times. However, this is a sector with a large market and therefore some factors should be taken into account when deciding which private health insurance is best.

Which private health insurance is better? breaking myths

First of all, ask yourself the question of “which private health insurance is better” in such a general way that it doesn’t make much sense. Since there are different types of policies that cover different types of services, it is possible that the best policy for your specific case is not for someone else’s.

Medical insurance for a specific specialty or a more global private insurance?

Therefore, the first thing to take into account when choosing private health insurance is that it is suitable for your health needs.

It seems like a very broad question, and to answer it you should take into account if you are looking for insurance that covers all kinds of medical tests or if you only need it to include certain specialties.

On the other hand, a basic factor to take into account is if you need your insurance to cover you abroad, either because you are a person who travels a lot or, on the contrary, it is clear to you that you will always go to your reference hospital when treating any health problem.

Types of private insurance and modality of the policies: basic plans, reimbursement insurance and more

Another point that you have to take into account when considering which private medical insurance is best in your case is the type of plan that you are going to hire.

You can find from basic plans that cover certain specialties, outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests, to complete medical insurance, which also includes treatments, hospitalizations and surgical interventions, among other things.

In fact, there is an insurance modality within the latter known as reimbursement insurance. This, in addition to the concerted medical table offered by the insurance, includes the free choice of centers and professionals when it comes to treatment through the reimbursement of medical expenses.

Health insurance with copayment and without copayment: which one to choose?

On the other hand, the modalities of private medical insurance, regardless of whether they are basic or complete, are framed in models with copayment or without copayment. Regarding those that are focused on co-payment, these are usually more suitable for people who go to the doctor infrequently, paying a lower monthly payment, but paying a certain amount depending on the service they use.

In the modality without copayment, on the other hand, a monthly payment will be paid that will already include all the medical services that are used.

Keys to choose your private insurance

Knowing pre-existing conditions is essential when deciding which private health insurance is best for you

There are people who only ask the question of which private health insurance is better when they suffer from an illness or have a chronic disorder. In this sense, it is important that you take into account that when contracting the insurance you will be asked to tell if you have been diagnosed with any disease.

This does not imply that you cannot carry out the insurance contract, however, it may entail the modification of any of the clauses or the price of the same. If you are in this case, the ideal would be to consult this aspect from the beginning and study which one maintains the best conditions based on your specific situation.


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