The Revenge of Lolita

Su Xia said truthfully, “No one.”. Something was wrong with my body, and I was about to faint. I found that the door was not closed, so I pushed the door and came in without much thought. I’m sorry to bother you. Do you expect me to believe that? There are loopholes everywhere! The man folded his arms and said, “Go ahead!”! Which of my enemies sent you? Even if I sent you here, I shouldn’t have given you so much water. “Water?” Su Xia repeated the three words. She knew that “water” was a drink on the market in D country not long ago. It tasted like ordinary mineral water. If she drank a bottle of “water”, she could sleep for 20 hours without waking up. Even if she lost her virginity halfway, she did not know. After this kind of “water” went on the market, there were several vicious criminal cases, so it was forced off the shelves, but there are still people selling this kind of water in the black market, she just knew that Xiao Zijun added this to her wine! Don’t you know what you’ve been drinking? How can a girl like you not love herself? The man asked in a deep voice. You seem to like labeling people? What qualifications do you have to be superior to others? Su Xia is annoyed, this man first calls her “the takeout that comes to the door”, now say she “does not love oneself”, really disgusting! Even so, Suxia still wanted to convince him,disc air diffuser, “If you want to know how I got here, ask the hotel for floor monitoring?”? I’m not lying! “The floor surveillance was turned off, mostly by the people who sent you here!”! This is so abnormal! The man is still a superior look, “if you are not sent by others, that is to find me?”? Do you want to practice in the Imperial Hospital? Or do you want me to be your mentor? In my case, the shortcut is not feasible. “You think too much. I don’t even know who you are.” Su Xia lifted the quilt and got out of bed. As soon as she got out of bed,rapid sand filters, her knees were soft and she fell down directly, but she still got up, picked up her high-heeled shoes beside the bed and went straight to the door. Angry from embarrassment? The man’s voice was cool. Anyway, thank you for saving me. Su Xia dropped this sentence and left in a hurry. What she thought in her heart was that she would never see this man again, and her face was really lost! Chapter 5 Gao Leng Yi Shao Meng School Beauty (5) The whole body is weak, the legs are also very heavy, Su Xia finally moved to the hotel lobby. She glanced at the clock on the wall. It was two o’clock in the morning, so she had slept for hours in the man’s room. No cell phone, no wallet, no coat, the door of the school dormitory is locked, there is no way to go back. Helplessly, Rotating sludge scraper ,lamella clarifer, Su Xia went to the front desk to borrow the phone and called Luo Yumeng’s only relative in the world. She looked out at the glass curtain wall of the hotel and waited for a long time before the dark red disabled car appeared. This is a three-wheeled motorcycle, looking dignified Luoan sitting in the front row, the back row is usually used to load goods, at this time empty, can sit down a person. Su Xia hurriedly ran out and jumped into the back row. Luo An handed her a cotton-padded jacket. She wrapped herself up and warmed up a little. Mengmeng, what’s going on in the middle of the night? Luoan asked anxiously as soon as he saw his daughter. Our grade is having a New Year’s party here, and we have a good time! A girl got drunk and took my coat and bag by mistake. When I found out, she had already left. Su Xia pretended to be relaxed and told a lie, if let Luo An know what she had experienced this night, it is estimated that she would be mad, right? Fortunately, she finally escaped the tragedy of Luo Yumeng. Luo An drove his daughter back to the slum area. They stored the disabled car. Su Xia pushed Luo An in a wheelchair to take the elevator upstairs. The father and daughter lived in an old small apartment with two bedrooms and one living room. After settling their father down, Su Xia went to wash. Luo An is Luo Yumeng’s father, and Su Xia is full of respect for this man. His wife died early, and Luo An, a veteran, raised his daughter with all kinds of hardships. When Luo Yumeng was ten years old, his father and daughter went out by taxi and were involved in a serious car accident. Luo An did not hesitate to protect his daughter. His legs were seriously injured and his legs were amputated below the knee. Luo Yumeng was safe and sound. As a disabled person, Luo An can no longer do formal work, can only set up a stall to sell some groceries, Luo Yumeng is also very sensible, work-study supplement household. Knowing this, Su Xia made up her mind to be as filial to Luo An as Luo Yumeng. The next morning, Suxia, who had only slept for a few hours, got up to make breakfast for her father and went back to school for nine o’clock. She went directly to the lecture theatre of the second teaching building. The counselor said that a big man would come to their class today to select interns and asked all the students of the Department of Clinical Medicine to attend classes on time. Su Xia stepped on the bell to enter the classroom. As soon as she entered the classroom, she saw Zhou Jiahang. As soon as Zhou Jiahang saw her, he turned his head and looked out of the window. Su Xia walked calmly to the roommates sitting in the back row and sat beside Xiao Zijun. Where did you go last night? I’ve been looking for you! Xiao Zijun’s eyes flashed a trace of panic. I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Su Xia said lightly. Just then, counselor Liu Gang stepped onto the platform and said in a passionate and exaggerated tone: “Today, the person who will come to our Department of Clinical Medicine to select interns is the youngest visiting professor of our Imperial Medical University and the youngest colonel of D country. Let’s welcome Professor Mu Chennan, a 25-year-old idol military doctor who already enjoys international reputation and has thousands of fans!” In a burst of thunderous applause, Mu Chennan walked firmly and straightly onto the platform. Just looking at his gait, he knew that he was an out-and-out soldier. Su Xia sighed deeply and buried his head. Chapter 6 Gao Leng Yi Shao Meng School Beauty (6) No wonder the man looked so familiar the night before, it turned out to be Mu Chennan! Su Xia wants to let oneself evaporate from the classroom in situ, she really does not know how to face this man, after all, he has seen her most awkward side,wall penstocks, but also once so mercilessly taunt her. She knows that the rising scores of the Department of Clinical Medicine of Imperial Medical University in the past two years are related to Mu Chennan’s frequent visits to the school to give lectures and select interns. But this man can do “people in the flowers, leaves do not touch the body”, these years without any scandal. khnwatertreatment.com

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