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The net king is matchless and lucky

“If you have the ability, will you try to pull us down from the throne of the king?” Yukimura quietly watched the farce getting worse and worse, and finally interrupted with a half-smile, “each depending on his ability.” Sanada, who was about to join in, said, “… …” Eh? What are you doing here?! Yukimura, you really go wherever there is excitement! “Now we are still a team, and let’s talk about the next national competition later.” Liu felt the blue veins on his head burst, and looking at the senior high school students who were obviously watching the jokes, he really wanted to double the amount of training that brought up this topic. Clearly know that there are many ministers in this team, but you still go to poke this honeycomb?! “I haven’t seen you for a while, but you’re still so energetic.” Buer smiled. According to my data, there is an 86% chance that you will come back to watch the game during this period. Gan raised his notebook as if he had expected it, but there was not much surprise. Liu also nodded, for these two guys bad love to see the play,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he and dry can be regarded as a better understanding. Although I have said it on the phone, I still want to congratulate you face to face. It’s the first guy of their generation to really step into the professional network. But also walk so fast, so steady. The national team is still so lively, whether former teammates or opponents, now seems to be gathered together because of the same goal, but the quarrel is getting better and better. The group stage has ended,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and the restriction that each player can only play once has disappeared. This time against the United States, the list of players has been carefully considered by the coach. Kojin, Oni Shijiro, Fumita Marui, Kimishima Yuto, Sanada Genichiro, Irie Soto, and Equality House Phoenix. But the title of the ridiculous “bamboo”, “pine” and “plum” team in the group match did not continue, which greatly relieved the people behind. The seven people who were going to compete were quickly ready to walk out of the lounge. As the competition approached, the tense atmosphere suddenly spread into the room. For Yukimura and Fuji, who had not seen each other for a long time, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, most people suddenly lost the idea of teasing and chatting. But Yukimura and Fuji don’t care about that. The name of the doubles player two flashed on the screen. Team USA, Ryuya Echizen & Ryoma Echizen VS Japan, Onishi Jiro & Kintaro Toyama! Brother partner? Buer was somewhat relieved: “I didn’t expect that one day I could still see Longma playing doubles in the world competition.” “……” Thinking of the cooperation between Echizen and Taocheng, Oishi sighed and looked at the screen gradually became gratified. Knowing the “hum” technique of the earth-shaking doubles and the feat of dividing the court in two, in retrospect, I still have to give coach Ryuzaki a big compliment for his final penalty kneeling. Well, it’s better not to mention such a humiliating incident. Ha ha ha, more and more! Look at my super super super invincible absolutely delicious big wheel mountain storm! “Oh, it’s still the same.” Echizen said so, but the speed of catching the ball is not slow at all. I mean, that’s a long name for a trick. Ryuya Echizen stood lazily in the back, and only when the ball fell near him did he reluctantly catch it. “Little friends have a lot of personality.” Although the ghost on the other side had a straight face, he was also very conscious of finishing for Xiao Jin, and did not see much aggression at all. In this match, Yueqian and Xiaojin were almost excited to play in front of the net, while Longya and Gui were still warming up slowly. There is a clear distinction. However, the strength of the United States team has indeed grown rapidly, and the most interesting one is the doubles technique that is not astringent at all. And Xiao Jin’s talent is terrible. This period of time is more like a polished gem, gradually showing its own light. Although they are only two years old, I still want to say that when I see them, I always feel old. Yukimura looked at the game in the field and sighed heartily. Buer glanced at him and said, “Echizen’s birthday has just passed this year. Counting carefully, your age difference should be one year.” “……” Yukimura, who had been going to school early because of his birthday, choked on a rare occasion. The author has something to say: Fanwai has been updated next door ~ Chapter 151 I want to kiss you. Onishi Jiro and Ryuya Echizen seem to have tacitly given up the home court of the game to the two little guys. They are like two open-minded parents who give their children the greatest degree of freedom. Although compared to the brother of Ryuya Echizen, the ghost looks more like. Kim’s dad? But their ideas at the moment are not far apart. Xiaojin and Yueqian are getting more and more excited. The initial moves have been unable to meet their rhythm of the game. Soon, the same light has risen on both of them. Selfless Realm — — They follow the same tennis path. The triple limit has been developed to its peak by Echizen Nanjiro, and then it has been regarded by millions of tennis enthusiasts as a necessary creed for playing tennis. So when the match turned into a seamless match, many people seemed to see two rising stars in the tennis world. Finally, when Echizen and Xiaojin went from seamless progress to interdimensional collision, Gui and Longya, who had been watching the battle, joined the battle one after another. When seeing the two tennis warriors with golden eyes appearing at the same time on the side of the United States team, many people seem to see through them the miraculous Japanese warrior, Nanjiro Echizen, who stood in countless finals in the world more than a decade ago. Two Echizen Nanjiro! They are.. “His son!” At this moment, how many fans who have followed Echizen Nanjiro fanatically,Magnesium Oxide powder, after more than ten years of insipidity, look at their faces that are no longer young, and suddenly burst into tears? Fuji sighed more than once: the Yueqian family is really great. One family has a former professional player father who is only one step away from the four Grand Slams and two gifted sons who inherit the samurai belief.

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