The floating world

“Then you won’t get it back in your life.” The silence at this time is the forever confident silence I am familiar with. Because we talked about the above through the communicator, we didn’t know anything about the gossip. For a long time, because of my sudden speech earlier, I lowered my head and thought about the gossip for a long time. Finally, I raised my head and smiled at the corners of my mouth. I think I understand, three thousand things between you and silence, if you don’t want to expose, I can not write. “There’s no need to hide it.” I interrupted the gossip. “Now that I’ve chosen to say it, I don’t care if it gets reported.”. And “And?” “And most people in the clear sky know one or two things about our relationship. Even if we deny it this time, it will be known sooner or later.” Silence answered the grapevine with my words. Oh, well.. Did not expect us to answer so readily, so that the gossip has a trace of loss. After all, the pleasure of being a journalist is to use one’s intelligence to dig out the secrets bit by bit, which is the most fulfilling part of the process. Now I’m silent and generous, it’s easy to save trouble, but there are some. Boring. If I knew the regret in the bottom of my heart at this time, I would be full of black lines, and then give him a word for free: “cheap!” ” “In that case, that’s the end of our interview today.” With these words, the gossip got up and sorted out the information on the table, intending to leave. Seeing that he wanted to go, Silence and I quickly stood up and planned to see him off. Sanqian, I had a good time chatting with you today. I hope we can have a chance to chat more often in the future. By the way, if there is any exclusive news, remember to contact me immediately, anyway, we have added each other as friends, contact is very convenient. Walking to the door, the gossip turned around and said goodbye to us. “Well, as long as you pay me for the news,heavy duty metal racking, I’ll be happy to make money.” I didn’t expect that I would suddenly talk about the cost of information, and the gossip reacted badly. Yeah, no problem, as long as the information is good enough. Instead of feeling disgusted by my money-loving expression, the gossip agreed with a smile. By the way, we will send you the information you need as soon as possible. Four items, we’ll find one first, we’ll tell you the news first, and then.. While talking, the gossip opened the door of the reception room, intending to go back to write as soon as possible, so that the players in the game could have a copy tomorrow. Unexpectedly, as soon as the door was pulled open, several human-shaped objects fell outside, as well as several people who had stabilized their bodies in time and stood awkwardly outside. The three of us looked at the crowd standing or lying down outside, push back racking system ,warehouse storage racks, completely speechless. Looking over one by one, the doll pressed on the body of a sword looking back, the Queen’s tears and the guilty eyes drifting in the rear, passing away and sitting on the body of seeing money eyes open, seeing money eyes open pressing on a ride when a thousand bodies, calling a ride when a thousand pressures “alas”, the cat who loves to eat peaches is very sad to trample under his feet, debt repayment, natural justice brother and sister are planning to run away. Even the two good children, who looked honest and honest, were lying on the ground giggling, and far away they saw the charm of rain and sadness hiding in the corner. You, we.. I looked at this scene, and I was so angry that I could only say these two words. In the past, when there were poisons, they liked to eavesdrop. I thought they were inspired by poisons. But unexpectedly, now the poison is not there, they actually also. Is it the result of being imperceptibly influenced or is it their nature? I’m surrounded by guys who love to join in the fun. Original Seeing so many people gathered at the door, as the source of information, the leader of the gang immediately learned that a group of people were all outside eavesdropping. Looking at the guilty look of a circle of people outside the door and the angry look of someone inside the door, the gossip only felt funny. Unexpectedly, the Queen’s tears and killing, which had always been calm and self-restrained in his eyes, also had such a naughty side, which made the gossip surprised and envious. From the previous gossip, I feel that people in the clear sky always get along with each other so naturally and happily. It seems that as long as they get together, no amount of serious trouble is more serious than losing a hair. He had never been able to figure out what the reason was before, but now he saw that it was not like it would happen in a big gang, and the gossip seemed to understand something. I didn’t care what the gossip was thinking at this time, but I thought that the “confession” in the reception room just now might be heard by these cheeky and teasing guys outside the door, and I felt a little embarrassed. Seeing that my face was not good, everyone gave out a few empty laughs without knowing why. Before I could react, they all slipped faster than rabbits. In a few seconds, whether they were standing or lying on the ground, they all disappeared, not even a hair was left. Looking at the empty gate, I was so angry that I almost bit a silver tooth. “The hearsay that sees a joke in the edge originally sees my complexion is incorrect, also excuse leaves immediately, sole of the foot is smeared with oil, slipped.” I have to go back to catch up with the draft. Elder Weishui, you don’t have to send it. Goodbye! With the last word, the man had disappeared around the corner. What kind of people are they? They all have rocket launchers. They run very fast. All right, don’t be angry. If you make yourself angry, they won’t reflect on it. Seeing that he was the only one left here to comfort me, he was duty-bound to shoulder the responsibility of “fire extinguisher”. They love to listen to the corner of the problem can not be changed, from the beginning to now, every time like this. I began to complain about the silence, after all, it was not once or twice that they listened to the corner,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and it was impossible to say that I was not angry. But the most excessive thing is that every time they listen to other people’s corner, they don’t call me, so I don’t enjoy the pleasure of eavesdropping. I don’t know if I would faint if I knew the reason for my complaint. kingmoreracking.com

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