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Obesity, Weight Loss

The world is getting overweight. The majority of people try to lose weight to improve their appearance. Weight loss may improve health and reduce risk factors. People who want to quit smoking can find it difficult to lose weight because they tend to gain more. Weight loss systems can be expensive, and there are many …

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Q&A: Mindful awareness can help parents and caregivers build resilience in children with ADHD, autism, and other conditions.

Research shows parents of children with autism or other developmental disabilities can experience higher stress levels. Abirami Duraiswamy is a patient navigator with the UC Davis MIND Institute. She explained that parents often face challenges in dealing with their child’s challenges, self-regulation, and communication skills. Duraiswamy also co-facilitates “GET MINDFUL,” a MIND Institute self-care and …

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Lose weight: Take control over your emotional eating.

Learn how emotional eating can hinder your efforts to lose weight. Get tips on how to control the way you eat. Sometimes, the greatest cravings for food occur when you’re at your weakest emotionally. It’s possible to turn to food to ease your stress, either in a conscious or unconscious way, when you’re facing a …

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Black Rum Cake: Unveiling The Secrets

Introduction A bite of a black cake is like embarking on an enthralling adventure that satisfies your sweet craving as well as the desire for a touch of warmth and depth. This article delves into this world of black cake and explores its rich past, distinctive flavour profile, and the best places you can find …

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Achieving Balance: Using CBD and CBG Tincture for Stress and Anxiety Relief in Sports

Sports can be both physically and mentally demanding, often leading to increased stress and anxiety levels. Athletes at all levels face challenges that can impact their performance and overall well-being. In recent years, there has been growing interest in the potential benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) for stress and anxiety relief, leading to the development of …

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