Mad God _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

The red and blue lights were touching in the air, and there was a constant thud of air flow collision. The defensive boundary under the clouds was constantly shaking, and even the people watching around seemed to be trembling with the constant thud. After the collision of tea time, the red and green lights suddenly coincided, and once again a dazzling light group appeared in the air. Two figures, one red and one green, suddenly separated, and a red and green airflow rushed straight into the sky, breaking through the clouds in the sky and flying straight up. I felt pain all over my body. Mad God’s armor and madness had disappeared after I separated from Li Feng. In the last blow just now, Li Feng and I found at the same time that there was only one possibility to continue fighting, that is, to die together. So, at the last moment, we chose to give up and join hands to send the violent energy into the sky, which can survive. A dark shadow flew at high speed and caught me out of balance in the air. Because I had no clothes on my body, my skin was very sensitive. The elastic touch from the other side, I knew, was Moyue. I gathered my wings, put my arms around her waist, hung all my weight on her, and kept panting. Li Feng’s condition is not much better than mine, the clothes on his upper body have completely disappeared,Wall Penstocks, a person sitting on the boundary, constantly panting, countless small wounds flowing blood on his body. Sky cloud flew up from the ground, while lifting the boundary, while Li Feng took down. Moyue also took me down slowly, and before landing, I managed to get a dress from the mustard seed bag to cover my body, so I didn’t make a fool of myself. With the help of Tianyun and Yuewuya,Lamella Plate Settler, Li Feng managed to stand firm and gasped, “Good boy, I haven’t had such a good time for a long time. You can actually draw with me.” I said with a wry smile, “What’s the draw? I lost. With the double transformation and the power of the armor of the mad God, I can support the invincibility. If you try your best before I become mad, I will die.”. In terms of strength, you are still powerful, but I have the ability to perish with you. Tianyun gave Li Feng a knock on the head and said, “I only know how to be competitive.”. Second brother, hurry to send him back to take good care of himself. Lei Xiang, don’t go today. Let’s talk about it after your body recovers. I was like this, and I couldn’t walk even if I wanted to. Moyue picked me up and walked to the stone room. She was less than 1.7 meters tall and held me, who was two meters tall and weighed more than 200. It looked funny. I couldn’t help it. I really had no strength, so I could only do so. At that moment, there was a sudden sound of a rich dragon singing in the distance, and the loud sound kept responding in the mountains. Tianyun smiled and said, Mechanical fine screen ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, “The busybody is here, but it’s too late.”. Ha-ha Moyue hugged me and froze for a moment, not knowing what to do. There was another sound of dragon singing, and this time there was a response, as if dozens of dragons were roaring together, and the sound was so loud that the surrounding mountains seemed to shake. Tianyun shook his head helplessly and said, “I’d better explain it so as to avoid misunderstanding.” Said, his body out of a strong white light, slowly floating up. Just then, the sky suddenly darkened, and dozens of dragons flew to the top of the village, led by Tianyun’s own mount, White Light, the first elder of the dragon clan. “What can I do for you, Elder Bai Guang?” Said Tianyun kindly. “Hello, Tianyun,” said Bai Guang. “Just now I felt a huge burst of energy in the sky over your side. It was no less powerful than you. I was afraid something would happen, so I brought some clansmen here. What the hell is going on? “Thank you,” said Tianyun. “It was my noisy third brother who insisted on fighting with others just now. It should be the outbreak of the last two people together that disturbed you. I’m really sorry.” The white light shook the huge dragon head and said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you have nothing to do here. If anything happens, you can call me.” I will. Thank you, Elder White Light. The white light touched the huge dragon head and flew away with his people. I put my arms around Moyue’s neck and curled my lips and said, “Mind your own business. Everything has them.” To be honest, the appearance of so many dragons has caused a lot of psychological pressure on me. The potential strength of the Holy Dragon Knights is too strong, if the Dragon King comes forward, plus Tianyun, I’m afraid they really need a level of gods to be sure to deal with. “Let’s go back,” I said to Moyue weakly. “I’m so tired.” As soon as I lay back in bed, I fell asleep before I could talk to Moyue. But I didn’t know that this extreme use of the energy in my body would be of great benefit to my future practice. The effectiveness of Lingkong Stone Milk and the inheritance of the mad God Diomandus had begun to merge with my body. Early in the morning, I woke up, as if all the energy consumed in yesterday’s battle had been recovered, stretched my muscles and bones, and felt indescribably comfortable. Moyue curled up against me like a kitten, wearing only close-fitting underwear. Yesterday’s time is still vivid in my mind. My heart is so hot that I put my arms around her body and stretch my big hand into her clothes. Moyue woke up with a cry. She pressed my big hand and said, “I hate it. You’re not allowed to mess around today.”. Look, it’s dawn. Get up quickly. Didn’t you say you were going to leave here? I smiled and said, “That’s not bad for a while.”. Moon, you are so lovely and tempting that I can’t help it. Indeed, after my moistening yesterday, the charm of Moyue seems to have increased a lot, and the temperament has changed a lot, perhaps because of the dark magic. “No,” said Moyue angrily. “Get up quickly. You forgot what people said about us yesterday.” As she spoke, she blushed. It turned out that Tianyun said yesterday that our voices were loud. I had forgotten it long ago, but she remembered it clearly. “Then keep your voice down,” I teased. Moyue pinched me on my thigh and stammered, “At the last moment, how can people endure it?”. Yuck,disc air diffuser, get up quickly. As soon as I didn’t catch her, she got out of bed. We recovered our strength and were no longer afraid of the cold. Seeing that she had escaped, I had no choice but to get up from bed reluctantly. khnwatertreatment.com

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