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Warm, people can not open their eyes. Let’s meet. Even if it’s still for separation. Kim Soo-hyun stepped into the elevator, pressed the number of floors, and read the time silently, minute by minute, so long that he was afraid that he would retreat. Ding-dong! The elevator doors move to either side. Kim Soo-hyun took a deep breath, lifted his feet, and went straight along the corridor. Finally here, at their doorstep. The password, of course, is still the first four digits. That kid can’t change it. If he changes it, how can he go home? The input is correct, the machine pops up, and Kim Soo-hyun grabs the door handle and pushes it in. Kim Soo-hyun stood in front of the entrance and shouted, “Kui Yu, I’m back.” The youngest jumped out of the balcony, barked, and ran to sit down in front of Kim Soo-hyun. Then he raised his neck and grinned up at the corners of his mouth. Kim Soo-hyun hugged it and rubbed its head,medium duty racking, “not fat or thin, you are really moist.” The youngest howled twice more. Kim Soo-hyun laughed. “Where’s your sister-in-law?” “…… Mr. Kim Soo-hyun? A woman’s voice? Kim Soo-hyun jerked his head up. “Who is it?” Li Yuya took two steps closer, “I am.” Kim Soo-hyun let go of the youngest, “Yu Yu’s sister, Miss Lee Hye-ah?” Li Jieya nodded, “yes.” Kim Soo-hyun bent slightly and greeted her politely, “Hello.” “…… Uh Kim Soo-hyun’s intuition was somewhat unexpected. He glanced at the bedroom. “Where is the rain?” “I just went to Japan today and said I was going to shoot a clothing advertisement tomorrow.” Kim Soo-hyun clenched his fist and poured a basin of cold water on his head,industrial racking systems, which made him feel cold. Li Jieya saw the clue, “he didn’t know you were back?” “I don’t think so.” “It doesn’t matter,” Li said. “He will return home the day after tomorrow.” Kim Soo-hyun smiled bitterly, “so.” The youngest scurried into the middle of the two men standing face to face. Li Yiya patted him, “I just packed my rations. Go and eat quickly.” Kim Soo-hyun shook his head slightly when she was not paying attention, forcing himself to accept the horrible and helpless reality. He came back, but he was not there. In the afternoon, he was still lamenting the coincidence in the world. But does the passing now mean that their fate has been exhausted? God damn it. Kim Soo-hyun crazily wants to smoke a cigarette. Li Yuya coaxed the youngest and turned his attention to Kim Soo-hyun. “Haven’t you seen him for a long time?” “Yes.”. Sit down and say. Kim Soo-hyun asked her to sit on the couch, and he sat in the single one. Is Miss Yuya here to take care of the youngest? Thank you very much. “You’re welcome. Kui Yu solemnly asked. He’s very nervous.” Kim Soo-hyun felt bitter in his heart and hesitated to speak. “He.” “He is not good at all, very bad,” Li Huiya answered with a straight poke. “……” “He fell out with Grandpa and Dad, refused to give in, shuttle rack system ,pallet rack shelving, and was driven out to live here alone. At first, he was almost out of shape.” “Kicked out?” “Yes, family and you, choose one of the two.” Kim Soo-hyun stared straight at her, “Yu Yu he.” “My brother said that he would never be separated from you in his life.” Kim Soo-hyun once again clenched his fist and felt a dull pain in the lower part of his chest. Li went on to say, “From childhood to adulthood, he had everything he wanted and had a smooth journey. Sometimes I think he’s like a little idiot, naive to stupid.” “……” “Mr. Kim Soo-hyun, his life has become difficult because of you.” Kim Soo-hyun wants to say, no no no, I didn’t mean it. I just accidentally and uncontrollably fell in love with the child with a warm smile. I hope I can bring him a lot, a lot, a lot of happiness. I’m sorry. I just.. love him. Yes, I love him. Kim Soo-hyun’s heart ached so much that he couldn’t make a sound. My brother is under your care. In the future, please continue to take care of that silly boy. “…… What Li Yuya wiped away her tears. “I’m sorry, I just said harsh words, because I’m angry.”. He’s not doing well, but you. Mr. Kim Soo-hyun has done so much, and it’s even harder. “No, I didn’t do anything.” Li Yuya smiled through her tears. “It’s almost the same as what he said.” “What did he say about me?” “Uh..” Nice to him, a compliment like that. Kim Soo-hyun chuckled, “he has a conscience.”. ” Li Huiya stood up. “Since you are at home, you can feed the youngest by yourself. He is really too noisy.” Kim Soo-hyun frowned and immediately calmed down. “I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you for another day.” “…… Why “I’m leaving tomorrow.” “……” “To serve in the army.” Li Jieya stared, “does the rain know?” Kim Soo-hyun shook his head. “He doesn’t know.”. Please keep it a secret from him that you saw me today. “……” “Thank you very much, Miss Hyun-ah.” Kim Soo-hyun stood up straight and bowed deeply to her. “Give me another two years, and then I will treat your brother well.” “……” Late at night, Kim Soo-hyun lay on the double bed, breathing as if he could smell the refreshing smell of the child. Kim Soo-hyun closed his eyes and fell asleep. Like, every night he was around. Slept like a log. Chapter 171 He came back. No need to identify, Li Yuyu knows at a glance. For example, when he made the bed, he used to leave two-thirds of the pillows. For example, he never follows the bottom-up rule when squeezing toothpaste. For example, the specific direction in which his left-handed person placed the cup. Li Yuyu lies on the half of the bed that belongs to him, the temperature and breath can not be found, but he is stubborn and unwilling to leave. Stubbornly want to be an ostrich, a day, no, half a day. The news of Kim Soo-hyun’s service was exposed yesterday, when Li Yuyu was shooting a commercial in a neighboring country in the same time zone. The sunshine is just right, the climate is suitable,asrs warehouse, Li Yuyu began to laugh from the moment he entered the camera, until he finished shooting and returned to the hotel, he was still laughing. Advertising directors and photographers praised him for his dedication and future. Li Yuyu laughed so hard that his mouth was stiff. The scene of expressing modesty was not smooth and clumsy. kingmoreracking.com

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