I lack you in the five elements. End + extra chapter .by Xi Zixu

Shen Yiqiong had no choice but to put down the chicken leg he was eating, wiped his fingers with a paper towel, picked up the top newspaper and began to read: “S High School had another accident, and a girl died of a ceiling fan falling.” He read out the title and scanned it roughly again: “Wow, is this true or false? Why is it so like a ghost story?” “A ghost story?” Lin Jue said, “can ghost stories be in the newspaper?”? Keep reading. Shen Yiqiong nodded, put a shrimp in his mouth, chewed it twice and swallowed it, then read out the rest of the newspaper news. It turned out that there was a high school in S city that had six murders in one year, an average of one accident in two months, and all the dead were girls. The death of these girls is also strange, some fell into the toilet and drowned, some fell directly from the stairs and broke their vertebrae and died on the spot, and one of them died in a completely absurd way-when she was using a compass to do her homework, she let the compass go directly from her eyes to the back of her head, but she could not be saved. At first glance, these accidents all look like accidents, but when they are linked together, they are really a bit strange. There’s something dirty. Shen Yiqiong also felt the smell, “this thing is very fierce ah,rapid sand filters, the school did not find anyone?” “Of course I did.” Lin Jue said, “And I’ve found more than one, but none of them has been cured. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to me in a roundabout way.” “When did it start?” Lin asked lightly. “Last year,” replied Lin Jue. Zhou Jiayu took the newspaper in Shen Yiqiong’s hand and read it by himself. The news in the newspaper did not mention any details, nor did it mention the previous murder case. Instead, he shifted his focus to improving school safety facilities, apparently deliberately trying to change the topic. Lin Zhushui closed his eyes and looked like he was thinking about something. Lin Jue said,fine bubble diffuser, “I didn’t intend to trouble you about this, but I went over to see it and didn’t see anything wrong.” “Didn’t you see that?” Asked Lin Zhushui. Lin Jue sighed, “Yes, I didn’t see that either.” Several people were surprised when they heard this, and it seemed that Lin Jue had not been able to find a clue to this situation, which was indeed somewhat extraordinary. Zhou Jiayu was not clear about Lin Jue’s strength, but when he saw Shen Yiqiong’s expression, he also guessed that Lin Jue’s strength was certainly not weak. Lin Zhushui’s finger gently touched the desktop: “Isn’t it winter vacation now?”? Why are there students in the school? Lin Jue said, “Senior three is still running a cram school.” Of course, once this happened, it must have stopped now. She picked up the glass with her fingers, shook the red wine inside, and said, “Because of this, multi disc screw press ,filter nozzle, the principal of this school has changed three or four. If it weren’t for the high school entrance rate, which is a key local school, it would have been suspended.” Six students died in a year, and the way they died was so strange that it would take a lot of effort for the Education Bureau to suppress it. But now students are under great pressure to enter school, even if the school wants to suspend classes, I’m afraid parents will not agree. Tut, is school more important than life? Shen Musi did not agree, “two months, who knows if it will be their children’s turn.” “I didn’t know it hurt until the knife fell.” Lin Jue said, “It’s no use saying that now. You can’t watch those children die one by one.” She took a sip of red wine and sighed, “Some things can’t be helped.” Lin Zhushui said, “What are the characteristics of the deceased?”? Did you find it? Lin Jue thought: “I went to check, are girls, there are three senior three, three senior two, all long hair…” “Isn’t it going to be the first year of high school?” Shen Yiqiong said, “the school didn’t respond?” “So what if there is a reaction?” Lin Jue seemed a little irritable when she mentioned this matter. “I can’t find out the reason for begging to come to my side. I have to bother to chase the water. Naturally, other people have no way out.” This sentence is almost conceited, but it seems that there is no problem, at least so far, Zhou Jiayu has not seen anything that Lin can not handle. Then go and have a look. After a long silence, Lin Zhushui answered Lin Jue’s request. Lin Jue was obviously relieved, and it was obvious that she was not fully confident that Lin Zhushui was willing to take over the matter. “Send me the details.” Lin Zhushui said, “I want to know about it before I go.” Lin Jue nodded and said yes. For the rest of the meal, several people were discussing the matter. Shen Musi said that this kind of bad things related to the school are very troublesome, because most of the schools are built on the tombs because of the land price problem, and the students’ Yang Qi is heavy, which is just the harmony of Yin and Yang. But once something happens, it means that the balance of Yin and Yang has been broken, and so many people have been killed, if there is really something dirty, it must be particularly fierce. Yes Shen Chaosan usually does not like to talk, this time also said, “remember the school that had an accident three years ago?” Shen Yiqiong looked frightened. “You mean the one who hanged the two?” Shen Chaosan nodded. How can I forget it? Shen Yiqiong was only fifteen years old at that time. He had only been with Lin Zhushui for more than a year. At that time, he was so frightened that he couldn’t remember his surname. Thanks to Shen Chaosan’s wit, he sent a message to Lin Zhushui first, so that Lin Chushui saved them at the critical moment. Six died this time. Shen Mu-si sighed, “I guess it’s a big deal.” Zhou Jiayu listened with fear, and Shen Yiqiong turned pale because of the bad memories, and even ate a few mouthfuls less. Get over there as soon as possible. Lin Zhushui finally made a conclusion, “Beware of changes.” Lin Jue nodded in agreement. This year is really very lively, Zhou Jiayu just soul back to the body, Lin Zhushui took such a murder case. However, Lin Jue originally thought that Lin Zhushui would not take Zhou Jiayu with him to deal with this matter, but who knows that he still heard him ask Zhou Jiayu to prepare and set out in a few days. Is it okay for him to go like this? Although Lin Jue is not very clear,rotary vacuum disc filters, she also has some understanding of Zhou Jiayu’s constitution. There are some things you should see. Lin Zhushui said lightly, “I can protect him for a while, but I can’t protect him all the time.” 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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