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Zhou Weiqing, with his matchless warriors, lurks quietly among them, with the benefits of fewer people. A total of seven hundred men, and all cavalry, from the border of the Phili Empire quietly into the Sky Bow Empire is not difficult. The matchless soldiers were all resting in place, and a figure galloped from outside and came directly to Zhou Weiqing. “Boss, oh, no, Colonel, I’m back.” The man is not tall, but he looks very capable. Dressed as a commoner, he ran all the way to Zhou Weiqing before stopping. “How is it?”? Kou Rui, what’s the situation in Crescent City? Zhou Weiqing asked with a smile. It was Kou Rui, his classmate at the Royal Military Academy of Phili, who visited Phili City. Zhou Weiqing ended his three-year engagement with his classmates ahead of schedule and brought them all out. The battle to restore the country was about to begin. His desire for talent was very ardent. Kou Rui is best at scouts, but this is his first time in actual combat to carry out reconnaissance, the heart is inevitably some excited. “Colonel, I explored the situation of the crescent moon city in detail, I don’t know if it’s because the Empire of Cressy simply thought that the Phili Empire would not attack them, the defense of the crescent moon city is much weaker than we thought,heavy duty cantilever racks, there are only three battalions of three thousand troops in the city, and in the case of the rotation of guarding the city.” Less than a thousand men who were able to take part in the defense in a short time were soldiers of the Cressy Empire. As he spoke, Kou Rui crouched down and picked up a branch on the ground to simply draw the defensive distribution of the crescent moon city. “According to my information, the nearest garrison to Crescent City is also located a hundred miles away, with a division of troops, from the news to the support, the fastest time is about two hours.” Kou Rui was very conscientious to perform the investigation work of an excellent scout, and he only told the details of his investigation,teardrop pallet racking, but did not give Zhou Weiqing any advice, that is not what the scout should do. Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment and said, “Now that the situation has been ascertained, let’s act immediately.” “To..” Leizi, the captain of the first brigade of the matchless division, had already come to Zhou Weiqing with an arrow step. When he first came, he had already disappeared. It was not that he had been hit a lot, but because he liked the atmosphere of the matchless battalion too much. Although the blade training was very hard, the treatment given to the soldiers by the matchless division was something he had never heard of. What attracted him most was the resources of congealing and rubbing. Moreover, for Zhou Weiqing, the head of the regiment, he is also convinced that even the nine-bead-level dzi masters can handle it, but Leizi can’t do it. Leizi’s strength is absolutely among the best in the matchless division. Not long ago, he just broke through the realm of seven beads and became a subordinate Tianzong. “Leizi, you choose fifty brothers with high cultivation and enter the Crescent City in disguise. When we start outside, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, you are responsible for opening the gate with your brothers.” “De Ling” Leizi was overjoyed. He couldn’t have been more willing to get off to a good start. It was just a small town. It was hard to say whether there was a Royal Pearl Division among all the three thousand soldiers of the other side. As the next Tianzong, he was confident to complete the task even if he was alone, not to mention bringing the highest fifty brothers. Zhou Weiqing glared at him and said, “Don’t be careless. This battle is extremely important. There can’t be any problem at all. Not only must you open the city gates for me, but none of your brothers must be injured. Otherwise, after you have been dealt with by military law, you will take five percent of the money you robbed from the three thousand defenders.” “Don’t worry, boss,” said Leizi with a smile. “Our brothers are all very precious. Do you want to hurt us with that group of trash fish?” Leizi went to prepare, Tianer was very excited to gather around Zhou Weiqing, “Xiao Pang, how are you going to attack the city later?” Zhou Weiqing smiled. Deputy has a well-thought-out plan, “Ben Shuai has his own clever plan.” Half an hour later, when the matchless soldiers began to act, listening to Zhou Weiqing’s orders, Tianer was stunned and said: “Is this the clever plan you said?” The order given by Zhou Weiqing was extremely simple, just two words, “charge”. Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “Silly girl, a lot of things are complicated by people, so they become complicated.” I don’t know if it’s because of the beginning of the fall. I feel dizzy these days, and my blood pressure is a little low. I measured it in the morning, and it seems to be quite low. We should also pay attention to our body. The hottest time of the year is coming. Chapter 194 recovery of Crescent City (part two). (Hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) (hand hit Chinese net 724 hours uninterrupted update pure txt hand hit novel m) chapter 194 recovery crescent moon under the city Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, “Silly girl, a lot of things are complicated by people, so they become complicated. What tactics are needed to attack such an unprepared city?”? I ask you, can their bows and arrows break our defenses? Can’t the gate open from the inside again, besides charge, what else do we need to do? Under the command of Zhou Weiqing, the action of the matchless soldiers began, crazy battle, Wujin heavy cavalry in the front, one hundred and fifty matchless cavalry in the back, Zhou Weiqing brought out from the Phili City students in the back, this battle does not need them to participate in Zhou Weiqing to let them first familiar with the way the matchless soldiers fight, but also to show them the strength of the matchless division. Crescent City, Chengtou A group of soldiers on patrol were lazily patrolling the city, nominally rotating a battalion every four hours, but in fact, three or four squadrons were good for defense at the same time, and most of the Cressy soldiers were resting in the barracks. Crescent city is located in the hub, the number of merchants in the past is very large, rich oil and water, not to mention the above tax, they alone these soldiers into the city tax, it is already a very large number. “Why, did you hear anything?” A soldier with better ears suddenly said. “There seems to be,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, rumbling, thunder?” As another soldier spoke, he looked up into the air. It was afternoon. The sky was cloudless. The weather was very good. There were no clouds. Where did the rain come from? kingmoreracking.com

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