Common Website Design Pricing Plans

These days, there are three common website design package plans that designers use to price their created designs. Designers can either charge you for each web page they create, for every hour that they work on your website, or they can charge an amount for the entire website project.

These different pricing options are good news if you want to create a website on a budget. This means there are plenty of pricing options to choose from to suit our budget. Let’s learn more about the different pricing options and find the pros and cons of each quote.

Cost per Hour

Settling on an hourly rate may sound like an affordable option. Well, it all depends on the complexity of the design of your website and the number of pages you want to appear on your site. Complicated layouts and designs may mean that your designers will work extra-long hours to get it done, increasing your design pricing rate along the way.

Many web designers who offer hourly rates are freelancers and don’t necessarily have the desired technology background for advanced web designs. So if you’re leaning towards an hourly rate, expect to have basic simple graphics on your website.

If your budget is set in concrete and an hourly rate is your only possible solution, make sure to get the best return for your money. Ask your designers to set a pretty firm target completion date. Also, ask for an anticipated number of hours to complete the design ahead of time so you won’t get any questionable fees on your final bill.

Cost per Page

A per page rate is another common web design pricing plan that freelancers and a few design companies use to quote their costs. Basically, you are charged for every completed web page. The price for each page probably will vary. The main page usually has the highest cost among all the pages on the website.

The reason why web designers have varying rates for each individual page is because not all web pages are created the same. Some pages such as the main page actually require more effort for creating the layout and designing the graphics.

As long as you don’t mind having just a few pages on your site, per page pricing is a great way to start a website on a small budget. You can always add more pages along the way to upgrade your site.

Cost per Website

A complete package is probably the most popular website designing price option of design companies. Many people enjoy the convenience of a package simply because it already has all the necessary services to get the website up and running on the web.

For as low as $500, you can get a well designed template created by professional designers with a few hours of customization to personalize your website. For that amount, it can also include hosting and email.

A package deal is your most desirable option. If you have at least $500 to spend, an entire website pricing plan from a professional web design company is the best choice for your money.

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