1976 of Rebirth

The next day Ji Qiang, Han Wenyang and Ma Zheguo went out to give the goods, while Zhang Qian and Zhao Yun stayed at home, “Xiao Han, you leave a few watches at home, maybe someone will come to see them.” Zhang Qian suddenly had an idea, always felt that yesterday Mengmeng’s mother came to buy an electronic watch, listen to her meaning, but today she will take it to her unit to show off. Mengmeng’s mother often goes to the bookstall to chat with Zhang Qian when she has time. Through her words, Zhang Qian knows that there are many people with good family conditions in Mengmeng’s mother’s unit. Even Zhao Yun thinks that Mengmeng family with good family conditions is below average in comparison with her colleagues. People with such good conditions, in case they see Mengmen’s mother bring such a watch to work. I don’t know how many people will be jealous, and when they find out that they bought it here, they will definitely come, so we have to prepare for it. We just take a few pieces out to have a look. Besides, it’s not a lot of people who buy vegetables and radishes for such a valuable thing. After Han Wenyang said this, he got up and left. He had planned to go to Guangzhou again with Ji Qiang when the watches were sold and there was a little market. But when he came back, he would go directly to Zhang Qian’s hometown and meet them there. After staying for a few days, he would go back to his hometown and tell Uncle Zhu about his plan. The development of things really did not exceed Zhang Qian’s expectations, Zhang Qian they just had lunch, two people sitting in the shade of the wind, playing a fan, a little sleepy feeling, the door came a lot of footsteps, Zhang Qian fiercely opened his eyes, to know that these skin children go back to eat lunch every day after the children, will take a nap. Only a few children will come home to read after lunch, but they are very quiet, and now in the collection of money is Zhang Xu children, and the wages is Zhang Qian every day to give him two tomatoes and two cucumbers, although Zhang Qian felt a little heartache, but also within her acceptable range. Zhang Qian now is also slowly know the effect of space products, that is, the younger people use, the better the effect,lamella tube, such as their own fat boy is white and fat, basically not sick, and good memory, and Zhang Xu ate the fruit in the space, at least the performance is not so obvious, and now Xiaoxu wants two of each kind, Zhang Qian knows that half of it is for Wang Qiang. Zhang Qian also did not refuse, Wang Qiang and Zhang Xu’s relationship is good, give him to eat, there is no big problem, in case after the root is Miaohong’s baby developed, can also help the younger brother. As for the little dumpling that baby, Zhang Qian will occasionally get some tomato juice and cucumber juice for him to drink, but it is not very obvious, after all, sometimes his mother will get these juice for the little dumpling to eat, we can not show this when dry too obvious, so Zhang Qian will occasionally get some for the small dumpling to eat, fine bubble diffuser ,MBR reactor, although the small steamed stuffed bun is more intelligent, but will not think so much. Seeing that his brother also had red water to drink, he would not make any more noise. Now small steamed stuffed bun and small dumpling is full of tomato juice, lying in the shade of the tree slowly fell asleep, now to that group of people so big noise, small steamed stuffed bun is a little unhappy, the body twisted, Zhang Qian frowned, “I first go out to see who is coming.” Who is so civic-minded? He should not be a regular customer. If he is those children, he must be walking gently at this point. Before Zhang Qian got to the gate, she saw Mengmeng’s mother shaking her arm and talking to a group of people about her watch. Zhang Qian found that several women wanted to grab the watch from Mengmeng’s mother’s arm. “Mengmeng, aren’t you going to work today?” Although her unit has a rest at noon, Mengmeng’s mother basically won’t go home. A person who won’t go home at noon actually went home today and led a group of women over. This can only explain one thing, that is, she helped introduce business. “Sorry, my son took a nap in the yard.”. ” Everyone heard Zhang Qian say so, also understand to come over, that is, there are children at home, and sleeping, their voices slowly also low down, Mengmeng mother also lowered the voice to pull Zhang Qian way, “Xiaoqian, you do not know, I took a new watch to the unit today, immediately became a celebrity in the unit, they one by one to my hand.” I didn’t know that I bought it from you, and I didn’t go home to rest one by one. They all ran over. Mengmeng was so proud in her heart. Although I was not the first person to wear an electronic watch in the unit, the watch I wore was better than yours, and it was the style you didn’t have. If it weren’t for a group of colleagues in the unit, she would really be excited to call three. We did not think of a person selling electronic watches turned out to be a little girl, but they soon reacted, they all thought that Zhang Qian was also the kind of educated youth back to the city, but there was no relationship at home, can not find a way into the unit, at this time there are many such people, some people are idle, and Zhang Qian belongs to the kind of self-reliance, but although it is a small business, Kind of a door job, isn’t it? Some people reacted quickly, “Yes, you don’t know that she was proud to bring that watch today, smiling brightly. If she hadn’t said later that you sold it here, we would have taken the watch from her hand.” “That’s it, that big girl. Let’s not say anything else. We want to see the watch.” The impatient person immediately said, you know, listen to Mengmeng’s mother, this time they brought 18 such watches, although the price is a little expensive, but the question is now the whole capital market, is there such a watch? If I take such a watch out to meet my friends, it’s not beautiful for them. Although many people will buy this watch sooner or later, at least I will be a leader. And if I buy it today and take it with me, I don’t know how long it will take for them to come back when they go to Guangzhou to stock up. Anyway,Belt Filter Press, I will buy it sooner or later, so I might as well buy it earlier and have a face. Zhang Qian originally thought that Mengmeng’s colleagues would not speak so readily. After all, they have a little family background. They should always leave a sound when they speak. “Look at the watch. It’s not here. I’ll talk to Xiao Yun and go home.” 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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