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Cash App is growing tremendously due to its impenetrable security and multiple features. Cash App Tax is another widely popular add-on among its features. Cash App is the best software to file tax federal and state returns for free. Earlier it was known as Credit Karma Tax, highly reliable tax software in 2023. Read on to learn more about this great tax software and how to file your return quickly.

Overview: Cash App Tax

Unlike other commercial tax software, Cash App Tax Software is completely free and reliable for filing federal as well as state tax returns. Some tax software doesn’t fully disclose fees and some have restrictions based on income and even fees for state tax returns. Cash App Tax has no hidden charges and users can e-file tax returns for free. This should be your preferred tax software as you can file returns online for any type of income such as crypto trades, rental property income, health savings accounts, retirement distributions, etc. So, you should prefer this tool for online return filing without any cost. ,

Who Should Get Started With Cash App Tax and How?

If you are a Cash App user and want to file tax return online, then you must prefer to use this free Cash App tax software. As you know that Cash App has millions of users because of its strong security and many features. Moreover, it is a convenient and app with simple UI. Due to the simple return interface, filers can complete the process in a matter of minutes. This software is best for those who are looking for a simple e-filing application.

Former users of Credit Karma Tax should also try Cash App Tax for easy access to tax returns. Other than that, the software works virtually the same as Credit Karma.

What are the tax features not available in Cash App Tax software?

Undoubtedly, Cash App Tax Software is one of the best online tools for e-filing returns. However, it has its downsides that you should be aware of these:

  • Cash App Tax provides live chat for simple technical and other tax related issues but does not provide professional assistance.
  • It does not provide and support uploading forms, so freelancers or side hustlers can upload multiple 1099 forms.
  • Cash App Tax also does not support status such as multiple state returns, non-resident state returns, increase in standard deduction, foreign earned income, etc.
  • Cash App Taxes has several supported and unsupported forms and statuses. Users should review all supported and unsupported variants and status.

Should I be using Cash App Tax Software?

Like other apps or software, Cash App Tax also has its advantages and disadvantages that you should know before downloading it. It is best for those who want to file tax return online and free of cost. There are few services or software that allow you to file either federal or state taxes for free, but Cash App Tax Software allows you to file both tax returns for free. However, if you are a freelancer or sidehustler who needs to upload multiple 1099 forms, Cash App Tax Hit is not the appropriate software for such users. In any case, you must go through the Cash App tax law before you start using this software.

Cash App Tax Software: How Does It Work?

You will need to download the Cash App Tax mobile software before you can use it. Once you download it, you can create your account using your phone number and email address. After this you have to link the debit card to the account.

Then follow the step shown below:

  • To access Cash App Tax through mobile go to Banking tab
  • From the option under Cash App Tax section, select Free Tax Filing
  • Provide your SSN to verify identity
  • Create password specifically for Cash App Taxes
  • Now from the Tax home page, you can access different parts of your return.

How to Use Cash App Tax Software on Desktop?

Users can run this software on a mobile device or computer to file Cash App taxes. Each time you proceed to login on desktop, you will receive a message from Cash App Tax Software to your linked phone number. Provide the code you received to verify your identity.

Also, if you are facing any issue while login on your desktop, then use the phone to access option.


Q1. What is Cash App Tax?

Cash App Tax is the 100% simpler and faster way to file your tax return online. It is exempt from both federal and state taxes. The platform has filed 90 lakh returns without any service charge.

Q2. How is Cash App different from Tax Credit Karma?

Credit Karma was the previous free tax service provider that was acquired by Block, the parent company of Cash App. After the acquisition it was renamed as Cash App

Q3. What are the outstanding features of Cash App Taxes?

The most important features are:

  • 100% Free Tax Return Filing
  • Accurate calculation guaranteed
  • Free One Year Audit Defense

Q4. Can we call Cash App Tax as 100% free software?

Yes of course, it is 100% free software for both state and federal returns. Not only for state and federal returns, it also doesn’t charge for deductions or credits.

Q5. Can I get information on my tax return filed on Credit Karma?

Yes, of course, you can get your past tax returns within the Cash App taxes that you previously filed with Credit Karma.


In conclusion, we can say that Cash App Tax is acquired tax return software. Block, the parent company of Cash App, acquired Credit Karma, a free tax return filing service, in 2020. Users can file returns using the Cash App Tax deposit software service. Users can file tax returns online for both state and federal without paying any fees. However, we have also told when and for whom this software is not good. In conclusion, we hope this Cash App Tax review was useful to you.

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